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R&D TeamEvery company needs that special something to keep them ahead of the competition. Our Research and Development team keeps Red Sun IS on the cutting edge, combining the academic rigor of computer science with new open source technologies to create solutions for the future. Student researchers provide the opportunity to assess business problems using many new technologies and academic theories that are not yet standard practice. With insight to a growing, global Millennial market, Ian and Dave (left to right respectively) make up the Red Sun IS R&D Team, looking at the evolution and future of 21st Century computing.

Both are 3rd year computer science majors and best bros at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. Currently, they are conducting research and development on Red Sun projects, focusing on open source IoT devices. There will be plenty more on it later, but in the meantime, here are some details on our R&D Team! We are excited to welcome them to Red Sun!

Here is their introduction, in their own words.

Ian Jones: I’m a big fan of sports, I love playing lacrosse. My favorite teams are the Yankees and Green Bay Packers. My Hobbies include fishing, hunting, and working with Linux. Despite studying Computer Science, my favorite thing to study is history, especially wars. I’m doing tech because I want to work with things that influence our lives every day and make the world a better place.”

Dave Lauscar: “I run track in college, but I love to play pick up basketball and football with my friends. My favorite subject has always been math, but I’ll pick up and learn anything that I find interesting. I do tech because it is like a puzzle to me. Computer science something you must work hard at and requires discipline, but every new challenge motivates me even more to improve. The feeling of accomplishment after solving a problem by putting in hours of work is what draws me to technology.”

Currently, the R&D Team is finishing up work on an Internet of Things device that allows the attachment of a variety of sensors to measure and create data based on environmental inputs. This data can then be transmitted to customized databases over a local wireless or 3G network.

IoT Infrastructure Prototyping
IoT Infrastructure Prototyping

As Red Sun establishes a more robust R&D budget, our operations will grow. Our future projects will be focused on a variety of IOT, Security, and Artificial Intelligence experiments. Currently, Ian and Dave are preparing a full review of the work they completed. Keep an eye out as we post instructions on how to build the device yourself. This is just the beginning for the R&D Team, with plenty more to come!

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