Red Sun Weekly: 2016.09.30

Red Sun is Pleased to Announce…

We are pleased to announce that our work with Nishati has developed substantially over the past few weeks. We are set to begin developing a solar power generation monitoring device. When completed, it will display in real time the power generation capabilities of Nishati’s solar panels utilizing open source technology.

We will be updating you as this project develops over the next 2-3 weeks.


Weekly Highlights

Pyranometer Fun in the Sun

As the days of summer wind down and give way to fall, Red Sun is still working hard. Using our recently purchased Apogee Pyranometer, we are continuing to study and do experiments measuring solar irradiance with open source technology.  More reports and free content to come!

New Interns

We would also like to welcome aboard our new interns Ian and Dave, both 3rd Year Computer Science majors at Bloomsburg College in Pennsylvania.  Together, they will be contributing to Red Sun’s Research and Development division, focusing on building IoT devices that interact in real time with smartphones.

ORP Breakfast

Red Sun’s CEO and COO, Evan and Dave, have been busy networking around the DC area. They have become regulars at the monthly ‘Objective Rally Point’ breakfast, hosted by Lee Dougherty at the Army-Navy Club in Arlington, VA. This past week featured prominent speakers from the Small Business Administration (SBA). And as always, featured successful veteran entrepreneurs from many industries in the DC-VA-MD area.


CEO Notes

After over a year of business, Red Sun is now in a position to start moving forward on projects, expand our partnerships, and broaden our network. Starting a business from the ground up has been a challenging process, with long hours and more questions than answers. But after this year, we have accomplished arguably the most important first step – getting a contract and proving value.

Along the way we have learned many lessons. One of the most important, especially during the initial phase of business development, is having a close network of trusted colleagues and mentors who can provide critical feedback in a safe environment. By this I mean ‘getting the errors out of the way in a less risky environment.’

Another important lesson was the need to stay grounded. There is no book for the one right way to do business. For any new venture, there is a lot of making it up as you go along. Almost every week is an exercise in questioning ourselves, reassessing our strategy and mission, and even the blunt ‘is this crazy?’ This process has helped us stay honest as a team, and more critically address what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how we’re going to get there.

As always, stay tuned over the coming weeks as we develop our projects in solar power research, mobile pin-pay, and asymmetric networked infrastructure. If you are a business looking to integrate open source technology, IoT devices, or expand your market by accessing international markets and localization expertise, contact us at

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