Raspberry Pi: A Byte Sized Computer

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Skeptically, I held the small board in my hand, partially dismissive because Raspberry Pi is possibly the lamest name ever given to a computer. Being used to names like Wintermute, SHODAN, Elsanova or even Tachikoma, why would you want a computer called a Raspberry Pi?!


The answer:

  1. To learn how computer systems work via interaction
  2. It can do A LOT of really cool things!

The Raspberry Pi is a cheap, credit card sized computer that provides good performance and the ability to integrate with a range of technologies and systems. It was developed for children and students curious about learning computer hardware and software design. After a strong debut on the market, online support for the product has grown exponentially, making it easy to purchase off of Amazon and then get started on a weekend product from websites such as Instructables or RecalBox.  

Ultimately, Raspberry Pi allows you to make your own customized hardware and software.  Learn how to write some Python Script and find yourself a 3D printer and soon enough, you’ll be creating your own technology in no time!

Here are a few examples of projects we are working on with Raspberry Pi technology, in the coming weeks we will be providing in-depth guides to help you build these projects at home!

IMG_1670 IMG_2912

We connected a FLIR Lepton Board and Thermal Camera to a Raspberry Pi.


Pimoroni’s EnviroPHAT also proved really interesting to work with. We also used their Black Hat Hacker board for standoff to produce more accurate temperature readings.


We used RecalBox in combination with Retrolink SNES Controllers to build a Super Nintendo emulator.  Pretty fun stuff, we enjoyed playing all of our old favorites like Contra III: Alien Wars, Metal Warriors, and Cybernator. You can also download tons of your other favorite games like Metal Slug, Megaman X, and Metroid.

IMG_3500 IMG_3506

Finally, we put together a portable computer using Raspberry Pi and a TP-Link Battery!

In the following weeks keep reading for content showing how to build these cool items.


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