Red Sun Weekly: 2016.07.22

Pictured is an awesome low-res charmander by FLOWALISTIK:
Pictured is an awesome low-res charmander by FLOWALISTIK:

Red Sun IS Prototyping…

This week at Red Sun saw a lot of development time on some of our 3D printables. Our work with the Raspberry Pi 7″ TFT case is coming along now that the 3D printer is up and running after troubleshooting last week. We finally printed out some first iteration models we are building. All of them are available for download in our Red Sun for All drive. Please check it out!

Weekly Highlights

Raspberry Pi Case

We printed out a case for the Raspberry Pi 7” TFT display, check it out!


Red Sun cell phone case

Here is the first print of our Smartphone case design, more to come!


Pokemon Go – 3D printable products!

In addition to this weeks prints, we are working on some custom Pokemon Go 3D printables, stay tuned into Red Sun to see what is happening next!


Upcoming Events

Nerd Brunch: PokeBrunch Number One!

$12 or $22 dollars* in cash per (1) individual, $22 dollars includes: (1) PokeBrunch Meal, (3) hours of bottomless drinks, Coffee, and tip.

Join us for our second round of PokeBrunch! We’ll be serving a delicious brunch, then walking around Arlington trying to catch a legendary. Meetup — Brunch together — Become a Pokemon Master! Family Friendly, Super Smash Bros, 3D Printing, and Pokemon Go.

Register here: Meetup | Facebook

This is a good looking group of Pokemon Trainers!!
This is a good looking group of Pokemon Trainers!!

IMG_4630 IMG_4633

CEO Notes

This was a big week for Red Sun. Coming off a highly attended and successful Pokemon Go Brunch event, moving into several prototypes for our developing projects, and a forthcoming public announcement about an official business partnership.

A key theme this week was establishing priorities – after all, we do not have unlimited time and resources.

As a logical follow up to our last update, which covered our narrative development, our operational priorities are continuing to synergize. Our working method (Research, Develop, and Deliver), is being applied to three primary tracks:

  1. We are developing Asymmetric Communications and Energy Infrastructure through open-source research and technology, strategic partnerships, and integrating technology and capabilities
  2. We are providing service work, consulting, and technical support to companies and organizations working towards the above goal
  3. We are being opportunistic and playing to our strengths and flexibility in response to market trends and popular opportunities (e.g. Pokemon Go)

Stay tuned throughout next week for articles fully showing the work that went into this week’s prototyping. As always, our research and open-source projects are open-source and open to all.


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