Red Sun Weekly: 2016.07.15


Weekly Highlights


This week at Red Sun we focused on our Marketing, studying not only our own organizational marketing strategy but also what is happening around the world. Discussions ranged from organizational capability to wording and aesthetics. In the process of doing so we learned a lot, check out our document and notes on our public Drive.

3D Printing and EnviroPHAT

In addition to looking at marketing techniques and capabilities this week, lots of things happened in the tech shop.  We recorded and performed troubleshooting techniques on extruder jams needed to operate Robo3D R1Plus 3D printer and we also tested out Pimoroni’s Enviro pHAT, keep an eye out this weekend for our articles on each!

Upcoming Events

Nerd Brunch: PokeBrunch Number One!

$12 or $22 dollars* in cash per (1) individual, $22 dollars includes: (1) PokeBrunch Meal, (3) hours of bottomless drinks, Coffee, and tip.

Red Sun will be attending the first meeting of Arlington Trainers Pokebrunch event, surrounded on building community and comradarie between Pokemon Go players at Hunan Number One in Arlington, VA.  If you’re interested in more details surrounding the event, please check out either:



CEO Notes

This week Red Sun focused on marketing and networking. Much of developing a business is simply getting your idea out in the open and being receptive to feedback. A regular critique is the scope of Red Sun – we are on the cutting edge of the technology industry. Naturally, by continuous critique from many different experts, we expand our knowledge and capabilities.

Our focus going forward has been developing our narrative, marketing, and playing to our strengths as an organization. These documents and updates are forthcoming, and will be a part of substantive and clear updates over the coming few weeks. To be clear – our ethos is fundamental – to diffuse knowledge, capability, and technology from the organizational to individual level. As we learn new things and expand our network, new opportunities arise. We will be opportunistic in our approach and look for partnerships that fit in with our mission and play to our strengths.

Additionally, as a veteran-owned small business, we will engage and collaborate with fellow veteran entrepreneurs. The veteran network presents meaningful opportunities for Red Sun. Both in terms of Federal research contracts, and DC-based (as well as nation-wide) veteran business support networks.  We will continue to focus on accessing new networks and maximizing our ability to collaborate and work with leaders in new and exciting industries while also learning from experienced veteran entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned for updates on our new business partnerships, cutting edge open-source technology research, and great events with us in the DMV area.

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