Red Sun Weekly: 2016.07.01

Red Sun is Operational…

Productivity is high with Red Sun Operations developing quickly. Our week consisted of several events, a new research experiment, and completion of exciting content. We also met up recently with Nishati, an exciting company producing some cutting edge Solar Panel technology. While summer heats up, Red Sun is speeding up, with tons of research, new content, technology, and projects coming right around the corner.  


Weekly Highlights

Satellite Trial Run

Our first official test of the Satellite component on our Red Sun-Experimental Model 1 Asymmetric Communication Infrastructure. By establishing data-streaming connection through Outernet via our Satellite Dish, we will have access to all of the content available on the Outernet cloud. Proving that we can access this location first from a centralized, grid location is the first step to getting our system running. Read our full report here.


On June 30th, Red Sun’s CEO, COO, and CFO attended the CONNECTpreneur Summer Forum. This event featured Rick Rudman, the CEO of Tracx, as well as business leaders and investors from the DC-Virginia area.

Nishati Solar Panels

Recently, Red Sun staff, Evan and Dave, had the exciting opportunity to sit down and talk with the staff of Nishati, a company that produces cutting edge solar technology. Here at Red Sun, we are preparing to test and produce reports on integrating their panels into our RS-X1 asymmetric communication infrastructure project. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and reviews of their new and improved products available soon for individual and commercial use.

Red Sun Google Drive – Red Sun For All

Don’t forget to check out our Google Drive, Red Sun For All. All of our documents, research, and product media will be located there for your own use.


Upcoming Events

Cyber Brunch: Javascript and Ruby on Rails

Sponsored by Red Sun Information Systems, George Hardigg and Associates, and Hunan Number One, this event is an informal event for businesses or individuals who are in the technology community. Come network, chat with some like-minded people, and see the technology that Red Sun IS has been developing! Brunch includes a choice of an entree and bottomless mimosas for $20.

Currently, our next Cyber Brunch is planned for Sunday, July 10 from 12-4PM EST. We will be looking for speakers to discuss Javascript and Ruby on Rails.  This event also will feature our projects and other fun activities.  We work hard to foster a comfortable environment for individuals and families alike.  Hope to see you there!


CEO Notes

The central theme this week was partnership development and networking. This is both a soft and hard skill, requiring skills in communication and professional engagement, as well as follow through, meeting deadlines, and managing expectations. Ultimately there is no right way of doing something, but there are many wrong ways to go about business. Our focus is consistently on remaining open and friendly to everyone we meet, in order to foster positive relationships on a personal level, learn a variety of new things, and expand our network of professionals from all walks of life and specializations.

Red Sun achieved this over the past week by putting in many late nights in order to produce the necessary content, and show up prepared for meetings and networking events. From the completion of our first proposed scope of work (more to come on this soon, hopefully!), to 7 AM conferences, Red Sun is Operational.

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