Red Sun Weekly: 2016.06.17

Red Sun is live…

Red Sun Weekly will highlight our latest news and developments, current projects, and thoughts, challenges, and activities of our staff.

The past week has been a busy week for Red Sun, with the launch of our website, development of many company policies, and the launch of our public Google drive, which is accessible to everyone.

Much of our content, website, and policies are still very much in development. We are a start-up, but are eager to share the process of our business development, and collaborate with our community during this process. This is because we are open-source. Our content will be accessible and free for everyone.


Weekly Project Developments

RS – X1: SatComPi – Asymmetric Communications Infrastructure

This project is combining Outernet technologies, solar energy, and a backpack, allowing anyone easy-to-use and rugged access to free data access anywhere on earth. With this, users will be able to download and create 3D printable objects, establish a weather or communications station, and get updates on news from around the world – From your backyard or mountain top. Click here for more information.

RS – X3: TaiaKen – Machine-Brain Interfaces

The TaiaKen will revolutionize the way we think about mindfulness and meditation. The opportunities are endless, however, as our brain interface training device will be able to be modified to interact with open-source technology and other electrical platforms. Click here for more information.


Upcoming Events

Cyber Brunch: The Internet of Things

Sponsored by Red Sun Information Systems, George Hardigg and Associates, and Hunan Number One, this event is an informal event for businesses or individuals who are interested in web development. Come network and chat with some like-minded people! RSVP here!


CEO Notes

A theme throughout the week was the development of Red Sun’s organizational culture. Companies often have a cultural ethos or set of standard procedures and manuals which detail the expectations, policies, and overall narrative of the operating environment. An element that is often misplaced is the work-life balance narrative. Many companies in the U.S. are highlighted as having great organizational cultures due to a four-day work week or other special perks. These are interesting benefits, but misidentify the purpose of our lives and the purpose of our work. In other words, balancing is separating your work and life; integrating is harmonizing your work and life.

I drew a lot of inspiration from a video created by Big Think, featuring Dan Pontefract. Dan details the importance of finding synergy between individual and organizational purpose. When purpose is appropriately aligned, then work and life are seamlessly integrated, and ultimately your company has happier and more efficient employees – not to mention better products and services. The full video can be found here.

I will continue to update Red Sun’s organizational culture and guiding principles based upon this integration.

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